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Dangerous Goods Services

Moving your Dangerous Goods (DG) by air, sea or road is unlike usual traditional shipments of a general nature.

In other words, for DG shipments, it isn’t as straightforward as placing an item in a box, placing a delivery label on it and shipping it out. Instead, one must take into consideration the Dangerous Goods safety regulations and requirements based on the content of the shipment involved.

The full process of shipping DG items involves a lot of preparation – from packing the items properly with ample space and proper mitigation factors, to using the right UN boxes for shipping, to ensuring the right documents are prepared (DG Checklist, Dangerous Goods Declaration Form, etc.) to using only suitable transportation modes that meet the DG item requirements.

Shipments that are packed and sent with incorrect packaging, documentation, marks and labels will cause rejections, delays and additional costs.

All in all, it basically means that the team preparing these items MUST have a full understanding of the relevant regulations in place for each DG shipment and are licensed to carry out the duties.

Your Shipment, YOUR Responsibility

As the shipper, it is your responsibility to ensure Dangerous Goods are correctly packaged, declared and labelled with the right documentations and proper transportation services as they travel from the country of origin, to the transiting country and to the country of destination

Extra Surcharges Involved

Shipping Dangerous Goods requires special transportation and handling services to ensure maximum safety. Due to this, extra charges will be added to your shipping costs.

Finding this too much to handle? Let us HELP YOU.

The DG consultants at DPEXi Hazmat have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the handling of DG items. Our DG experts are always available to provide you with FAST and RELIABLE information to support you in the shipping of your items. Clear communications and quality service are important to us. We aim to make your experience as stress-free and efficient as possible.
No matter the size of the shipment, the mode of transport or the class of your Dangerous Goods shipments, you can trust us to have the knowledge, the skills and the experience to assist you through this journey.